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Maker Spotlight: CopperMuse Distillery

fort collins distilled spirits

Meet Heather and Jason, the Engineers of CopperMuse Distillery

One never knows when love, or great ideas, will strike. 

Jason and Heather met as two wide-eyed engineering freshmen in 1988 at Colorado State University. Not only did Jason and Heather fall in love as time went on, they also developed a fondness for the excellent Fort Collins distilled spirits, craft beer, wine, and homebrews that our community creates! 

One fateful gin and tonic crafted from a local Colorado gin captured Jason’s interest and sparked the idea to open his own Fort Collins craft distillery. Jason found that distilling is a perfect way to marry the skills of a homebrewer with the artistic expression of a winemaker – thus, CopperMuse was born.

fort collins distilled spirits

Fort Collins Distilled Spirits Engineered by Love

Since that one fateful drink, Jason and Heather have dedicated themselves and their local business to producing high-quality craft spirits with all-natural ingredients.

fort collins distilled spirits

They began with their Vertueux and Vicieux Vodkas, essentially translating to “Naughty or Nice,” as their first Fort Collins distilled spirit.

And they didn’t stop there. Heather and Jason crafted rums, vodka infusions, liqueurs, whiskey, and gin that would become innovative and unique.

Since the beginning, the couple has created a large variety of infusions and liqueurs used in over 60 craft cocktails that they serve at their Fort Collins establishment. 
You can try their amazing cocktails either at their brick-and-mortar restaurant or conveniently at home by purchasing their products on the Fort Collins Marketplace

Supporting Local Businesses Matters

The Fort Collins Marketplace is a one-stop shop for all things Fort Collins. It makes it easy for a consumer to go online and support local businesses, like CopperMuse! 

CopperMuse joined the Marketplace in November of 2020, where they were able to sell their spirits, gift baskets, glassware, and other merchandise.

With no indoor dining allowed during the time they joined, the Marketplace helped support and keep CopperMuse Distillery in business, bringing locally loved Fort Collins distilled spirits into the homes of Coloradans and Colorado fans.

If you want to try their new and unique flavors in your mixed drinks, or are simply craving some local Fort Collins distilled spirits, CopperMuse’s spirits are available for purchase at any time on the Fort Collins Marketplace. 

Fort Collins distilled spirits