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Maker Spotlight: Fort Collins Art

fort collins art

Are you looking for Fort Collins art available online? Welcome to the Fort Collins Marketplace, where we have local vendors who sell their Fort Collins art, beverages, food, experiences, and so much more, conveniently all online on one site! Because of the wide variety of options, the Fort Collins Marketplace is a great spot to shop, especially for Fort Collins art, and begin sprucing up your home with items from local artists!

Fort Collins Art For Your Walls!

Decorating your home with art you love is so important. According to, decor in your home can affect your mood, going so far as to uplift, enliven, calm, soothe, and comfort, all at the same time. So buying fun, colorful, and unique art for your walls is a great way to boost your overall mood in your home or even office space!

 fort collins art

Abigail Madison Design has beautiful prints available that will help your decor be heartwarming and inviting. Abigail’s visuals are the perfect statement piece for your bedroom, bathroom, or any space that needs just a little bit of love! Browse Abigail Madison Design and her shop right here on the Marketplace.

 fort collins art

Love Fort Collins? So do we! Around FoCo’s art emanates the love we have for Fort Collins through their posters. If you consider Fort Collins your home, check out their Horsetooth Home poster or their Fort Collins Typography poster, which both represent places we adore in Fort Collins!

Great For The Office!

 fort collins art

Kaley Alie is a Fort Collins acrylic artist creating cheerful and bright art that’s useful, too! Her 2022 Happy Dogs calendar will put a smile on your face each day! Or you can put a smile on your coworker’s or boss’s face with a special thank you card featuring Kaley Alie’s art! Choose from the Colorado Wildlife, Rescue Pups, or A Little Love Goes A Long Way greeting card sets, or pick a mystery pack!

Decorate Your Kitchen, Too!

 fort collins art

We spend an average of one hour in the kitchen a day, and we think it should at least bring you joy! Add some color to your refrigerator or microwave with wood-burned magnets from Jill Anne Designs! Show your Colorado pride with the Colorado Flag Mandala Magnet, or show your love for the mountains with either (or both!) the Colorado Mandala Magnet or Colorado Mountain Magnet. Jill Anne also has word-burned kitchen utensil sets with either a Leaf Design or Mountain Design

Decorate today with Fort Collins art!

Let’s get decorating and make our homes and offices places that spark joy with a beautiful touch of Fort Collins! Order yours today on the Fort Collins Marketplace to begin accessorizing the places you live and work.