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Maker Spotlight: Happy Lucky’s Teahouse

fort collins small business

Meet George, the tea-riffic owner of Happy Lucky’s Teahouse

Since 2009, George has been sharing how culture, lifestyle, health, and happiness all boil down to three things: water, time, and tea. Being a passionate leafster ultimately led George to the creation of his own Fort Collins small business, Happy Lucky’s Teahouse, where they serve over 200 loose-leaf tea options from their Great Wall of Tea in their Downtown Fort Collins brick-and-mortar shop.

Shipping to customers locally and across the world, George found that joining the Fort Collins Marketplace allowed him to find long-lost friends who are eager to enjoy delicious, uniquely flavored, crafted natural tea and conversations, all while supporting a Fort Collins small business.

fort collins small business

Nourish your happy at a Fort Collins Small Business!

Happy Lucky’s teas are handcrafted with pure, honest ingredients, flavored by organically sourced plants from around the world. 

Happy Lucky’s curated three items exclusively for the Fort Collins Marketplace:  Breakfast Blend and Visit Fort Collins SpecialTEA, and the Visit Fort Collins Tea Gift Box. The breakfast blend was created to celebrate Happy Lucky’s 10-year anniversary in October 2019.

Originally a limited run, it became a tea the Fort Collins community has come to love and couldn’t do without. This blend is made of black tea, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a valley’s worth of vanilla. 

The Visit Fort Collins blend is crafted with local flora in mind. This custom blend, created for the Visit Fort Collins tourism office, contains Rooibos Black Currant, dried blueberries, dried peaches, organic cinnamon bark chips, nettle, red raspberry leaf, red clover, elderberries, and alfalfa. It’s adaptable, warming when served hot, and refreshing when iced. The brew is nutritious and tasty, having great depth. Whether tubing or rafting the currents of the Poudre River or biking your way to a brewery, the blend is ready to enhance your sojourn in the Choice City. 

For even more variety, choose their Fort Collins Marketplace exclusive gift box with four different tea blends!

Happy Lucky’s promises to nourish your “happy” and help you be your “lucky” so you can find inner peace and happiness with every cup they serve!

fort collins small business

Supporting Local Businesses Matters

For George and Happy Lucky’s, the Fort Collins Marketplace created a place of community. Happy Lucky’s Teahouse was one of the very first businesses to join the Marketplace. George has felt proud to be part of it from the beginning, supporting not only his business but also his neighbors’ businesses as well.

If you (or maybe someone you know!) have a local Fort Collins small business that sells unique, handmade goods that are specific to Fort Collins or Northern Colorado, we want you to be part of this community that is the Fort Collins Marketplace! Apply to be a vendor and find your sense of place.