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Maker Spotlight: Around FoCo

fort collins apparel

Meet Carolyn, the creator of Around FoCo

Carolyn moved to Fort Collins over 18 years ago and never looked back. She is a lover of all things Fort Collins, has a keen eye for detail, and loves being creative. These things combined led Carolyn to launch her very own Fort Collins apparel and merchandise shop, Around FoCo.

fort collins apparel

fort collins apparel

The First Design

It all began with a love of craft beer. Like so many others, Carolyn and her husband enjoy the craft brewery scene in Fort Collins. So for fun, she was inspired to create something that highlights all of her favorite local breweries in town: the craft beer pint. This design features a collection of breweries in Fort Collins, from large, nationally recognized brands like New Belgium to small, locally loved spots like Maxline and so many others in between. 

After finishing the craft beer pint design, she went to a local screen printing shop, where she had a poster made to put up in her home. When visiting, her friends would often tell her they loved the design and ask if they could get one for themselves. One suggested that Carolyn sell the design, and so she did and hasn’t looked back since!

The craft beer pint (and so much more) can be purchased as Fort Collins apparel, like a t-shirt, as well as a poster or sticker on the Fort Collins Marketplace.

fort collins apparel

Supporting Local Businesses Matters

After COVID-19 lockdown started in March of 2020, Carolyn was afraid she would have to close her business. 

The implementation of the Fort Collins Marketplace helped Carolyn and Around FoCo stay in business during the pandemic and by allowing visitors or residents to continue to purchase their very own Fort Collins apparel.

You can continue to support Around FoCo by shopping now on the Marketplace for all of your Fort Collins apparel and merchandise needs. Around FoCo products can also be found at the Fort Collins Visitor’s Center and are available for purchase there!