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This is the ULTIMATE way to experience the great entertainment we have at Chipper’s Lanes. You can have-it-all! Bowling, Laser Tag, Arcade, Dinner, and Drinks for up to 6 people! A two-hour Chipper’s lane rental, one game of Chipper’s laser tag (for all 6 people), and a $5 Chipper’s arcade card per person.  Your choice of a one-topping XL pizza or our MEGA nachos piled high with one MILLION toppings. Served with a pitcher of soda.

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What’s all included in this Chipper’s Lanes Package?

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Chipper’s Lanes Package

  • A two-hour lane rental,
  • One game of laser tag for your whole group (up to 6 people)
  • $5 arcade card per person.
  • Your choice of a one-topping XL pizza or our MEGA nachos piled high with beef, beans, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, black olives, salsa, sour cream and guacamole. Served with a pitcher of soda

Chipper’s Lanes Bowling

Bowling is a sport known around the nation as one of our greatest pastimes. Whether you are looking for the perfect activity for your first date, some competitive league bowling, or just an excellent choice for a night out, Chippers Lanes can guarantee you the best in bowling and more!

Dinner at Chipper’s Lanes

Memorable Quality Food

At Chipper’s, all of our food is chosen for quality, not cost, and our recipes ensure that we deliver the same healthy, high-quality food that you make at home for your family. Your family is our family. We guarantee fresh, clean, healthy ingredients in everything we prepare.

Your memorable experience will be enhanced by our quality food & beverage. Among our most favorite items, try one of our delicious jumbo 1/2 pound burgers, our handmade pizza, or The BIG Salad – ORDER UP!

If you’re planning a larger event for lots of folks, we have you covered as well. Our catering menu extends well beyond with food for every taste. Let us customize your event package.

Chipper’s Lanes Arcade

Chipper’s Lanes has always had a soft spot for the arcade. But a few years ago we decided to take it to the next level. When the team decided that they wanted the best in laser tag they brought up the question, why not the best in arcade? So we decided to go for it, and put in the best arcade machines from the latest developers. And we didn’t stop there! We kept up with pool, air hockey, and pinball as well. In fact, it’s easy these days to step into our centers and forget we started with bowling 😉

What is Chipper’s Lanes Laser Tag all about?

Chipper’s laser tag is NOT your ordinary laser tag experience. With a new modern airbrushed arena that includes insane amounts of color and plant life, the latest in laser tag tech, and the newest and best arcade games, ChipTAR Laser and Arcade is something you have to experience to believe.

Chipper’s has built you a state of the art laser tag arena that transports players into the mysterious planet ChipTAR; a land of adventure to battle on a deadly but beautiful alien planet. With hundreds of game types, a Brand New Arcade, Thousands of hours of entertainment, and with a full restaurant to refuel, there is no reason to ever retreat from battle!

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What makes Chipper’s Lanes the BEST in Entertainment?

Have you ever asked the question, “what should we do tonight?” Here at Chipper’s, we put our best minds on that issue, and the solution wasn’t so simple. Everything we looked at told us that our customers wanted more than just bowling. They wanted great food, drinks, and more than just bowling. So we got to work. We put live sports on all our big screen TVs. We swapped lights out to give you blacklight bowling. We took out the old worn arcades and installed the latest technology from the top developers. We even started putting in stages for live music and sand volleyball courts for the fantastic Colorado summer nights. And then to top it all off? We built state of the art 3000sqft multi-story laser tag arenas complete with only the best equipment. We wanted not only to be better but to give our customers as much fun as they could handle.

With those transformations, Chipper’s turned into more than the neighborhood bowling alley. It’s your place for a night out, lunch break, or just some good entertainment. Great Food, Live Music, Beach Volleyball, Brand New Arcade, State of the art Laser Tag, and that one thing that puts the icing on the cake… Bowling. At Chipper’s, we have everything you want to turn a good or bad day into the best day. We made our mission simple. Your fun is our business.

Chipper’s Lanes Package

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5 Unique Colorado Bowling, Arcade, and Laser Tag Entertainment Locations:

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Chipper’s Lanes Horsetooth (South Fort Collins) 
Chipper’s Lanes College Center (North Fort Collins) 
Chipper’s Lanes Broomfield, Colorado
Chipper’s Lanes Greeley, Colorado
Chipper’s Lanes Estes Park, Colorado

Chipper’s Lanes, your local source of food, games, and fun.


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