set of 4 alpaca dryer balls with animal facesset of 4 alpaca dryer balls with animal faces

Alpaca Dryer Balls– Woodland Creatures


Replace your dryer sheets with upcycled pieces of art.

Sold By: Sunlit Mountain



These adorable handmade dryer balls are little works of art, and will:

  • replace toxic dryer sheets and help reduce static in your dryer
  • reduce drying time
  • reduce lint on your clothing
  • bring a smile to your face 🙂

The center of each ball is upcycled wool from old sweaters and blankets. The next layer is hand-washed and carded local alpaca fiber. The designs are handfelted on with bits of colored wool.

These balls are long lasting (will last 1 to 3 years) and are fully biodegradable.

For best results, use all 4 balls at once. Essential oils may be dropped onto the balls near the end of the dry cycle to lightly scent your laundry.

Be careful not to overdry your laundry. The main reason you will still get static is from overdrying, and remember that the balls will slightly reduce your drying time by tumbling and fluffying the laundry as it dries.


Some variation will occur in size, colors and designs due to each ball being made by hand.