CopperMuse Gin with Hibiscus


All orders must be picked up at CopperMuse Distillery, 244 N. College Ave. Ste. 105

Sold By: CopperMuse Distillery


This vapor-infused gin is crafted by first distilling a juniper distillate followed by a separate botanical distillate. These are then blended to create a perfect balance of pine-citrus juniper notes with the botanical contributions from the coriander, angelica, timut peppercorn, orange & lemon peels, orris root, cardamom and rosemary. Finally, hibiscus flowers are steeped in the gin to give it a distinctive light-pink hue. The result is a complex and layered gin that elevates simple cocktails such as a gin and tonic, or struts its pedigree in more adventurous cocktails.

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