CopperMuse Glassware


Enjoy your cocktails in CopperMuse’s branded glassware.

All orders must be picked up at CopperMuse Distillery, 244 N. College Ave. Ste. 105

Sold By: CopperMuse Distillery


Copper Mugs

Nothing makes a Mule taste better than sipping it from a high-quality, pure copper mug. Our copper mugs are available straight sided and barrel sided. They feature our logo on two sides with a seamless interior. Our straight sided mug has no coatings to allow the real copper to patina naturally. We also offer a straight sided tin-lined variation for those who may be sensitive to copper. Please hand-wash only.

Pint Glass

CopperMuse branded mixing glass, holds 16 oz. of your favorite cocktail or beer. Vacuum seals to standard size cocktail shakers.

Highball Glass

CopperMuse logo highball glasses have a large 14 oz size and weighted base which make them perfect for your favorite cocktails. Vacuum seals to standard size cocktail shakers.

Rocks Glass

12 oz. Logo rocks glass. Muse image on one side, CopperMuse Distillery logo on the other. The weighted base is cut in the likeness of a mountain range. Vacuum seals to standard size cocktail shakers.

Tiki Glass

16 oz. Tiki Glass will hold your favorite Tiki Cocktails in style.

Glencairn Glass

The Glencairn Whisky Glass really lets one savor the taste and complexity of fine whisky. These are great to use for any of your Single Malt and Bourbon Whiskeys. Any whiskey aficionado will love this glass!


Take your favorite CopperMuse spirits with you in this 8 oz. stainless steel, black powder-coated flask. The flask features a sturdy design, screw down cap, smooth and shiny jet black surface with our CopperMuse logo engraved on the front.

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