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The Infusionist Series came to life in our Tasting Room. Our creative bar-tending staff needed a larger palette of spirits in which to craft their incredible cocktails. They started infusing fresh, often local ingredients into CopperMuse spirits – the results are Infused Spirits like you’ve never tasted before.

We use only fresh, real ingredients – no artificial flavors or extracts. Solids are lightly filtered to allow a small bit of the natural essence to remain and settle in the bottle (shake before use). You’ll taste the difference, from your first sip to the last drop. All Infusionist Spirits are Naturally Gluten Free

All orders must be picked up at CopperMuse Distillery, 244 N. College Ave. Ste. 105

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Bacon Vodka – Looking for the perfect Vodka to take your Bloody Mary to the next level? CopperMuse has infused the savory goodness of cooked bacon into Vertueux Vodka. This truly unique spirit has hints of hickory smoke, black pepper, and salt to lend a complementary taste to your tomato juice, coffee and chocolate based libations.

Jalapeño Vodka –  Jalapeño sat the peak of their ripeness are destemmed, chopped and placed into Vertueux Vodka for over a month to extract the very essence of this spicy pepper. The resultant Vodka has been balanced to bring out the characteristic bite and flavor of a garden fresh Jalapeño pepper, but in a subtle way that won’t overwhelm the palate. This Vodka is excellent in Bloody Mary’s or as a spicy kick to Moscow Mules.

Horseradish Vodka – By far the most bold addition to our Infusionist Series. Whole horseradish root is peeled, chopped and submerged in Vertueux Vodka for over a month. Preparation of this audacious Vodka literally brings tears to our eyes! But fear not, as the horseradish is tamed nicely into a spirit that brings forth the spicy essence of this highly aromatic root vegetable without overwhelming your palate. This Vodka is excellent in Bloody Mary’s or paired with sushi or roasted meats.

Cucumber Vodka – What do you get when you combine garden fresh cucumbers with Vertueux Vodka? Summer in a bottle. Whole cucumbers – skin, flesh and seeds – are cleaned, chopped and allowed to infuse their flavors for more than 30 days. This process extracts the fresh taste of garden cucumbers and their lovely pale green hue.

Honey & Dill Vodka – Colorado Bee Squared Apiaries alfalfa honey is married with fresh Baby Dill to create a delicate yet subtly sweet Vodka. The honey comes from sustainable, locally-sourced hives that have never been chemically treated for mite resistance. This vodka pairs nicely with gin, fresh muddled herbs or in shrubs (citrus or vinegared syrup cocktails).

Lavender Vodka – It takes only a couple hours to infuse the delicate floral and slightly sweet flavor of Lavender into Vertueux Vodka. But the result is like closing your eyes in a provincial field in France with manicured rows of Lavender Flowers as far as the eye can see. This Vodka is excellent pairs nicely with a splash of lemon juice and simple syrup or mixed in equal parts with your favorite gin.

Strawberry Vodka – Over two pounds of fresh strawberries are steeped in each gallon of vodka. This blend is then allowed to infuse for over a month extracting the delicate strawberry flavors, fruit sugars and red brick hue. This spirit has none of that cloyingly-sweet, artificial strawberry flavor that too many Strawberry “flavored” products possess. No, this all-natural marriage smells and tastes just like a freshly picked garden strawberry. Mix with vanilla cream soda for an outstanding “Strawberries & Cream” cocktail or in your favorite ginger beer for a Strawberry Mule.

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Infused Vodka

Jalapeno Vodka, Bacon Vodka, Cucumber Vodka, Horseradish Vodka, Honey & Dill Vodka, Lavender Vodka, Strawberry Vodka


375 ml, 750 ml

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