Loose Leaf Varie-teas


House Blended Loose Leaf Teas – Blended for Holistic Benefit & Impeccable Flavor

As Sweet – Loose Leaf Tea – 16 oz
Ingredients: green tea, rosehips, rose petal, rosemary
This bright and floral blend is light and refreshing. Bursting with antioxidants and Vitamind C this blend is good for the mind, body, soul

Chai – Loose Leaf Tea – 16 oz
Ingredients: black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, ginger, turmeric, orange peel, cayenne
Snuggle into our house-blend chai. Black tea combined with mulling spices makes for a classic, spicy warmer. A must try for chai lovers!

Earl of Oxford – Loose Leaf Tea – 16oz
Ingredients: black tea, bergamot, blue cornflower, lavender, nutmeg
Sophisticated and stately, enjoy our take on the classic Earl Grey. Invigorating black tea with calming lavender and nutmeg creates a balanced affect on the body with just a pinch of comforting spice. Add milk and honey for a London Fog Latte!

Empower – Loose Leaf Tea – 16 oz
Ingredients: yerba mate, St. John’s Wort, turmeric, orange peel, thyme
Yerba mate offers and earthy backbone, complimented by turmerics with its subtle spiciness. St. John’s wort lifts your spirit to the creeping flavor of thyme then culminates in a hint of juicy orange

Growth – Loose Leaf Tea – 16 oz
Ingredients: green tea, elderberry, orange peel, lavender, mint
Embark on your journey to growth with awakening green tea!

Intuition – Loose Leaf Tea – 16 oz
Ingredients: rooibos, close, orange peel, cayenne, cinnamon
Decaffinated – Excellent with milk & Honey
Intution needs no kick-start, hency why this tea boasts a naturally decaffeinated rooibos tea base. The sweet earthiness of rooibos is deepened with close, balanced with orange peel, and burns just a bit, like your intution, with a dash of cayenne.

Mate Mantra – Loose Leaf Tea – 16oz
Ingredients: yerba mate, elderberries, rama holy basil, sage, lavender
Energizing Mate lifts the mood, elderberries cleanse your body and boost the immune system, rama holy basil eases the mind and lifts the spirit, pungent sage protects the respiratory system, and fragrant lavender reduces tension in the brain. Treat yourself to the glory of your own personal mantra in a cup. You deserve it.

Release – Loose Leaf Tea – 16oz
Ingredients: chamomile, rose petal, lavender, damiana
Release yourself into serenity. Chamomile, rose petal, and lavender bathe you in decadent florals that reduce stress and anxiety. Damiana, an anti-depressant and known psycho-enhancer, reveals your subconscious and releases worry with a taste similar to savory sage.

Sunshine – Loose Leaf Tea – 16 oz
Ingredients: yerba mate, lemon, ginger, mint
Put some sunshine in your cup! Irradiating flavor and good vibes this tea is the perfect fir for all occasions. Earthy, tangy, and refreshing this blend is excellent hot or iced.

The Ultimate – Loose Leaf Tea – 16 oz
Ingredients: black tea, turmeric, ginger, orange peel
Start your day ‘The Ultimate’ way with this rich black tea blend. This tea is the perfect balance of boldness, spice, and brightness. Add a little milk to create a deliciously satisfying hot tea latte.

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Focused on community and fine ingredients, our ferments consist of high quality and often local produce, spices, minerals, and herbs.  Turtle Mountain Fermentery is owned and operated by two sisters, making each creation infused with love!

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