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nummies® pillow 20″x 10″


naturally unscented body therapy . providing comfort and warmth
different styles for spots . knots . kinks . aches and pains
….. or for just keeping warm

        • the “pillow” has a wider shape
        • relieves the ache of abdominal and back issues
        • has a “weighted feel” when resting on your chest
        • designed for larger areas
        • covers and warms the top of feet
        • great for warming the bed
        • helps keep your PETS bed warm
        • packaged in a reusable hemp tote with zipper

local . hand created business
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Sold By: Dream Designs LLC


nummies® are heat/cool body therapy wraps and pillows that provides comfort and warmth
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  • why nummies®:   for heat/cool body therapy that provides comfort
        • microwave for heat or freeze for cool
        • relaxes sore joints . loosens and warms tight muscles
        • soothes away kinked necks and relaxes knotted shoulders
        • helps with everyday tension and stress relief
        • calms headaches and sinus congestion
        • covers and warms hands and feet
        • comforts p.m.s.  stomach cramps and eases lower back aches
  • information:
        • slipcovers are removable and can be machine washed in cold water
        • slipcovers are made from 100% flannel cotton
        • rice bags are made from 100% premium muslin cotton
        • rice bags are sewn and baffled so the rice will stay put
        • contents of sewn bag is  natural white rice
        • NO polyester . rayon or nylon that can emit toxic fumes when microwaved
        • unscented… because one person’s fragrance is another person’s allergy attack
        • may stay warm for up to an hour and  longer between the sheets
        • packaged in a reusable hemp tote with zipper
  • directions:   heat . wrap and relax
        • use a microwave with a turn-table
        • heat at high power for 1 minute
        • test on body for 1 minute prior to increasing time in the microwave
        • the recommended microwave time is 1-3 minutes
  • caution and safety:  any heat element can cause harm
        • avoid overheating in microwave
        • use microwave with a turn-table to avoid burning fabric and rice
        • do NOT
            • place in oven
            • place on bare skin
            • use on/for infants

Additional information

slipcover choices

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