salt soap honey soap and agave fiber bag
honey and salt soap set
salt and honey soap set

Salt and Honey Soap Gift Set


Salt and honey, soaps in a set you will love to give or get.

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Salt and Honey, savory and sweet, mineral and enzyme, winter and summer. Natural goodness in 2 soaps.

These 2 soaps are very different but both are amazing for your skin. Both will provide very light exfoliation if you rub the bar directly on your skin. If you don’t want to exfoliate, simply lather the bar in your hands and use the bubbles to wash.

Bee Soothed is made with our own raw backyard honey, skin-soothing oats, and  scented like Fall with cinnamon and clove.

Sea Scrub is made with Celtic Sea Salt and Green Clay to replenish minerals in your skin. Shea butter will help retain moisture.

Agave Soap Saver Bag will lengthen the life of your soap, plus provide light exfoliation if desired. All biodegradable material