Sunlit Mountain

The best zero waste products for bath, body, beauty, home goods. Shop with confidence and free of guilt.

Unlike other businesses who make home goods, natural soap, or bath/beauty products using wasteful packaging and harmful ingredients, we're uncompromising about environmental stewardship and ethical values. In short, we’re hardcore about sustainability.

42 Reasons Why You Should Shop at Sunlit Mountain

• are disabled-owned ♿
• are women-owned 👩🏻👩🏽
• mentor youth entrepreneurs
• support free trade/fair trade
• source locally whenever possible
• don’t test on animals 🐇
• use solar energy

We don't support human slavery
• We research the heck out of the origins of our materials
• We won't buy ingredients or packaging from companies who engage in human slavery or other forms of exploitation

We’re Climate Optimists
• We adhere to the great words of Gandi, "You must be the change you want to see in the world."
• We believe that voluntary acts of businesses choosing to provide eco-friendly goods is the solution to healing the environment, rather than fearing the status quo. 11

You’ll never find these materials in our packaging:
• packaging produced outside the USA
• non-compostable paper products
• non-recyclable paper products
• non-reusable plastics

You’ll never find these ingredients in our products:
• palm oil or anything palm oil based
• synthetic fragrances
• artificial coloring
• petrochemicals
• formaldehyde
• mineral oil
• parabens
• phtalates
• triclosan
• sulfates
• micas

We use only the purest ingredients
• naturally produced nanosilver
• organic essential oils
• our own beeswax
• organic base oils
• our own honey
• natural butters
• natural clays
• natural salts
• botanicals

Our packaging is eco-friendly
• post-consumer recycled paper
• reused materials
• tree-free paper
• kraft paper
• biostone
• metal
• glass

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Showing 1–12 of 25 results